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Some info on the most recent publications from the lab. A full publication list can be found here.

Our first dip into 
serial synchrotron crystallography

Room-temperature serial crystallography experiment using the CFEL TapeDrive. This paper is part of a virtual thematic issue on room-temperature biological crystallography.  

A designed high-affinity peptide that hijacks microtubule-based transport

Another great collaboration with the Dodding Lab at the University of Bristol. Paper published in Cell Chemical Biology


Joint neutron/X-ray crystal structure of a mechanistically relevant complex of perdeuterated urate oxidase and simulations provide insight into the hydration step of catalysis

Looking directly at hydrogens. Work carried out at the ILL LADI-III beamline and great help with the calculations from the Rosta Lab now at UCL. Congratulations to Lindsay on her first paper from her PhD.

Some old highlights.


J. Mol. Biol. journal cover

with commentary

Muscle M-band organisation and the discovery of a 'new' immunoglobulin fold subset. 


European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) Science Highlight Issue 2014

Integrated X-ray crystallographic and in crystallo Raman spectroscopic studies applied to the unambiguous identification of a reaction intermediate in dioxygen-dependent catalysis

Diamond Light Source (DLS)

Science Highlight Issue 2010


Titin/obscurin-like-1 interaction at the muscle M-band determined with measurements at the crystallography I04 beamline. 

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