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Nov 2021

Collaborative paper with Parsons@KCL on α4/α9 integrins is out. Link here

Oct 2021

Collaborative paper with Dodding@Bristol on direct membrane recognition by kinesin-1is out. Link here


Started teaching at UniPD. Module "General, Organic, and Elements of Biochemistry" to 1st Year Medics (degree in Italian). Students seem brilliant. Lots of frontal teaching hours (>80) but good fun so far.


Roberto joins the Dept of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padova as Professor of Biochemistry (PO BIO/10 for those who are familiar with Italian University jargon). He retains a part-time contract with King's College London as Professor of Biomolecular Structure.


Successful 20ALERT Mid-range equipment initiative BBSRC grant BB/V01966X/1 "A dual DLS and SEC-MALS instrumentation to characterize protein oligomerization for structural and mechanistic biology". Value approx £205,000. Steiner co-I.


The online version of our Cell Chemical Biology collaborative work with the Dodding Lab and Woolfson Lab in Bristol is now available. 

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